Divi Pro Gallery

Create a gallery and include a filter bar for easy navigation between categories.

Masonry Image Gallery

The Masonry layout in Divi Pro Gallery offers a visually striking and dynamic way to display images. This layout arranges photos of varying sizes and aspect ratios in an organized yet seemingly random pattern.

It’s ideal for creating a gallery that stands out and captures attention, as it adjusts the images to fit together like puzzle pieces, ensuring no empty spaces.

Image Slider Gallery

The Slider layout is perfect for showcasing images in a linear, sequential manner. This layout is particularly useful for galleries where storytelling or progression is key.

Users can navigate through the images using intuitive controls, making it a user-friendly option for displaying a series of images or artworks.

Grid Gallery

The Grid layout presents images in evenly spaced, aligned squares or rectangles for a more traditional and structured approach. This layout is ideal for galleries where uniformity and order are desired.

It offers a clean, organized look, making it easy for viewers to browse a collection of images.

Highlight Gallery

The Highlight layout is designed to feature specific images prominently while still displaying others in the background. This layout is excellent for galleries where certain images need to stand out, such as featured works, bestsellers, or new arrivals.

It allows for a dynamic visual hierarchy, drawing viewers’ attention to key pieces while providing context with additional images.

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