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Create a Gallery

Pro Gallery module lets you create and organize galleries anywhere on your website. The Pro Gallery module comes with Grid, Masonry, Highlight, and slider/carousel format.

This guide will show you the main steps to creating a fully functional gallery. Let’s start with some general settings. 

Insert Module

To add a new module to your page, click the gray plus button once you’re in the Visual Builder. 

To add the pro gallery module to your page, locate it in the list of modules and click it. The Divi module list is fully searchable, which means you can also type the word “pro gallery” and then click enter to find and add the gallery module automatically! 

As soon as you add the pro gallery module, it’ll present you with its options.

Edit Module

Upload your images from the general toggle, or select them from your WP Media Library.

You can drag and drop images to arrange them as you wish.

Divi Pro Gallery will enable you to make four types of image galleries: Grid, Masonry, Highlight, and Slider.

Depending on the gallery type, Pro Gallery will offer you different features.

Once you’re done customizing and designing your gallery, don’t forget to save.

This is how you can create stunning image galleries on your Divi website without zero coding skills.

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