Divi Basic List

The Basic List module within Divi Torque Pro offers a versatile and visually engaging way to present lists incorporating icons and emojis. This feature can be handy when you want to showcase the key elements of your products or services in a more appealing and informative manner.

By combining icons and emojis with your list of items, you can capture your audience’s attention and convey information fun and engagingly. This makes your content more visually appealing and helps highlight and emphasize the essential features that set your offerings apart.

Module Information Table
Module TypeStatic Module
Parent pluginDivi Torque Pro
Parent Modulen/a
Link SupportEach of the items 
Module Info
  1. Adding module 
  2. Rename Each List Item
  3. Add Link to Each List Item
  4. Customize the List
  5. Design the List
1) Adding Module
  • Go to the page and click Enable Visual Builder.
  • Click Add a new section and choose the row. Click the (+) icon “Add new module,” then “Insert module” will appear. From this section, go to the search bar and search ”Torq Basic List.” Select ”Torq Basic List.”
  • After that, a layout will automatically appear. In the setting section, you will find three different tabs Content, Design, and Advanced. Choose your content, elements, and layouts from this setting section. 
2) Rename Each List Item
  • Click Content Tab
  • Click the Item settings Icon
  • Change the text from the “Item Name” field
3) Add Link to Each List Item
  • Click Content Tab
  • Click the Item settings Icon
  • Click Link toggle
  • Insert link on the Link field
4) Customize the List
  • Click Content Tab
  • Go to the List toggle
  • Select Marked Type e.g. Emoji
  • Select List Position  e.g. Inside
  • Set value for “Below Item Spacing” e.g. 12px
  • Set value for “Item Padding Inline Start” e.g. 10px
  • Set Value for “List Padding Inline Start” e.g. 11px
5) Design the Basic List
  • Go to the Design Tab 
  • You will find all the Basic List elements
  • Click any of the elements e.g. Text
  • There will be multiple options and settings for designing the Text
  • Now, Customize the Text
  • Same as the Text, you can customize the all elements

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