How to Design Filterable Gallery?

The Pro Gallery module provides the feature to create a filterable gallery.

Here are the steps –

Disable the Hide Filters option.

This option is available only for Grid / Masonry layouts.

Set Tags for Images

The tag names set to images will display as Filter Tabs.

Tags can be assigned to images while adding them to the Pro Gallery module. Here are the steps –

STEP 1: Select an image from the WP Media Library.

STEP 2: The Pro Gallery Tags option will appear in the media information column on the right side.

You can add more than one tag separated by a comma. Example – If image X has been assigned to tags PRINT and DESIGN. At the same time, image Y has been posted to tags BRANDING and WEB. Then Filter tabs will automatically display all 4 titles. Clicking on any of the tabs will display related images.

Customize Filters Tabs

Tags names will automatically show in Filter Tabs. You can easily customize Filters Tabs with the settings under Design (tab) > Filters and Filters Text.

Note: If you have enabled highlight layout or slider layout you cant see filter tabs.

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