Introducing Divi Torque Pro (40+ Custom Modules)

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Are you ready to take your Divi experience to the next level? Welcome to Divi Torque Pro, the ultimate toolkit that empowers you to design and build stunning websites with Divi more efficiently and precisely. Whether you’re a web designer, developer, or business owner looking to create a remarkable online presence, Divi Torque Pro is your secret weapon for achieving exceptional results.

In this article, we will introduce you to the various modules available in Divi Torque Pro, each designed to enhance your Divi experience and help you craft websites with unparalleled creativity and precision.

Meet Divi Torque Pro

Divi Torque Pro is more than just another web design tool; it’s a game-changer that empowers you to craft stunning, responsive websites effortlessly. The true power of Divi Torque Pro lies in its 37 dynamic and static modules, each carefully crafted to make your website stand out. Let’s dive into these modules and explore how they can revolutionize your web design process.

Divi Torque Pro Modules

  • Divi Filterable Gallery: The Filterable Gallery module from Divi Torque Pro enhances image display with customizable layouts, filtering by categories as tags. It offers an engaging user experience, ideal for visually showcasing a variety of images.
  • Divi Pricing Table: Divi Torque Pro’s Pricing Table module is a crucial asset for businesses and e-commerce sites, facilitating the creation of polished and visually striking pricing tables with comprehensive feature comparisons. Customization extends to pricing columns, buttons, and feature lists, allowing you to emphasize specific features. This module excels at presenting pricing choices and aiding users in making informed purchasing decisions, all while offering visually appealing design options. 
  • Divi Countdown Timer: The Countdown module brings urgency and action to your website with a customizable timer counting down to a set date or time, making it perfect for promoting time-sensitive offers, product launches, or events. You can tailor its appearance to match your brand and even set specific actions upon reaching zero. This module effectively encourages user action, enhances the visibility of time-sensitive content, and effortlessly captures user attention. 
  • Divi Flip Box: The Flip Box module adds interactive flip boxes with stunning animations and content flip effects to your website, engaging users with a modern and dynamic element. It allows content to flip on user interaction, like hover or click, making it interactive for displaying extra information or images. With customization options for both front and back content, flip animations, and trigger control, it’s perfect for creating engaging flip cards and product displays.
  • Divi Alert Module: Divi Torque Pro’s Alert module is your tool for creating attention-grabbing alerts on your website. It’s designed to effectively convey essential messages with customizable alert notifications of various styles and content, making it suitable for announcements and important notices.
  • Icon Box: The Icon Box module creates stylish feature boxes by combining icons and text, making it versatile for presenting key information or services visually. Customizable icons and text, multiple icon libraries, and styling options improve content clarity and appeal. However, thoughtful design decisions are needed to avoid clutter when using this module excessively.
  • Logo List: The Logo List module allows you to display logos like those of clients, partners, or sponsors in a sleek and organized manner. It enhances credibility and professionalism with customizable display options, control over logo arrangement, and support for clickable logos with links, making it suitable for businesses with affiliations.
  • Blurb: Divi Torque Pro’s Blurb module empowers you to create visually stunning content blocks, combining icons, titles, descriptions, and buttons with ease. Ideal for showcasing features or services, it engages users with visually appealing content and emphasizes key points. It’s versatile for various content types with customizable blurbs, styling options, and multiple layout choices.
  • SVG: Divi Torque Pro’s Inline SVG module enables seamless integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG) into your website, enhancing visual appeal and flexibility. It’s perfect for logos, icons, or custom graphics, offering customization options and supporting interactive and animated SVGs.
  • Logo Carousel: The Logo Carousel module creates captivating carousels to showcase logos, ideal for highlighting brands, clients, partners, or sponsors and adding credibility to your website. It offers a customizable logo display, navigation control, and clickable logo links, enhancing your site’s professional appearance.
  • Divi Image Carousel: This module offers complete customization control for image carousels, ideal for portfolios, product galleries, or client logos. It engages users with interactive displays, efficiently showcasing items in limited space, making it suitable for various websites. It requires careful image selection, and excessive use can impact the user experience.
  • Divi Social Share: The Social Share module streamlines content sharing across social platforms with sleek, customizable buttons, enhancing online visibility and user-generated promotion. While it encourages engagement, integration with social media platforms is required, and suitability varies depending on content type and audience.
  • Image Scroll: Divi Torque Pro’s Image Scroll module adds captivating parallax and zooming effects to your images, enhancing user engagement and storytelling on your website. This creative feature allows for customizable image content and settings, offers control over scrolling direction and speed, and supports horizontal and vertical scrolls, making it ideal for multimedia-rich websites.
  • Divider: The Divider module stylishly separates content sections on your website with customizable dividers in various styles and shapes, enhancing the overall design and structure of web pages. It adds visual hierarchy, structure, and aesthetics to content, making it suitable for creative design and layout improvements.
  • Divi Star Rating: The Star Rating module in Divi Torque Pro is a valuable tool for collecting and presenting user feedback, seamlessly integrating star ratings into your content, which enhances the credibility of your offerings. This module is user-friendly, promoting user engagement and trust by displaying ratings and reviews, and it’s easily customizable.
  • Stats Grid: The Stats Grid module offers an elegant solution for presenting statistical data, achievements, or key metrics in a visually appealing grid format. With customizable layouts and styling options, it’s ideal for showcasing data types like numbers and text, making it perfect for businesses, nonprofits, or personal portfolios.
  • Basic List: The Basic List module offers a simple yet effective solution for presenting information in a clean and organized manner, making it ideal for lists of items, features, or benefits. Its strengths lie in its user-friendly nature, sequential information display, and compatibility with various website styles.
  • Icon List: The Icon List module in Divi Torque Pro elevates list presentation by pairing each item with an icon, enhancing both visual appeal and content communication. Its features include customizable icons and text, icon library options, and control over alignment and spacing.
  • Info Card: Divi Torque Pro’s Info Card module stylishly presents essential information, including images, titles, descriptions, and buttons, enhancing content appeal and readability. It offers customization options, icons, and control over alignment and spacing, making it versatile for showcasing services, features, or products.
  • Heading: The Divi Advanced Heading module simplifies the creation of attention-grabbing headings by offering customization for typography, styles, and animations. It enhances the visual hierarchy of content, making it suitable for creative design and branding.
  • Lottie Animation: The Lottie Animation module integrates Lottie animations into your Divi website, effortlessly adding beautiful and interactive animations to enhance visual appeal and user engagement. These lightweight and highly customizable animations are ideal for improving the user experience and engaging users with visually appealing content across various website styles. 
  • Progress Bar: Divi Torque Pro’s Progress Bar module visually represents progress or skills on your website with customizable progress bars. It effectively communicates achievements or statistics, making it suitable for tracking and showcasing progress or proficiency levels.
  • Content Toggle: The Content Toggle module streamlines the creation of expandable content sections with customizable titles and content, offering improved content organization and readability. It enhances the user experience by allowing users to reveal or hide information as needed, reducing clutter and making your website more user-friendly.
  • Timeline: This module presents chronological events or stories with customizable styles, enhancing storytelling and engagement. It’s perfect for historical information or showcasing milestones with customizable event text and images, and styling, both in horizontal and vertical layouts. This dynamic module adds an engaging touch to your content.
  • Checkmark List: The Checkmark List module in Divi Torque Pro enhances the presentation of features, benefits, or items with visually appealing checkmarks, replacing traditional bullet points and improving readability and engagement. It offers customizable checkmark icons and text, size, color styling options, and alignment control, enhancing list aesthetics and making vital information easily identifiable.
  • Divi Gradient Heading: Divi Torque Pro’s Gradient Heading module enhances your website’s headings with stunning gradient color effects, elevating their aesthetics and visual appeal. This module can make your headings stand out and is particularly suitable for creative or modern website designs, enhancing the overall visual hierarchy of content.
  • Divi Hotspots: The module offers dynamic wave design with interactive hotspots, enhancing user experiences by creating engaging images or diagrams. Customizable hotspot icons and content, multiple placement options, and the ability to link to internal or external content make it ideal for product showcases, educational content, or creative storytelling. 
  • Horizontal Timeline: The Horizontal Timeline module presents chronological events, milestones, or historical moments in an engaging horizontal format. With customizable event features, styling options, and image support, it offers a unique alternative to standard timeline layouts, enhancing storytelling and user engagement on your website.
  • Video Modal: The Video Modal module simplifies the display of videos through sleek and interactive pop-up windows, creating an engaging multimedia experience for users. It’s perfect for showcasing product demos, tutorials, or promotional videos on your website, providing an immersive video experience that captures visitors’ attention.
  • Review Card: Divi Torque Pro’s Review Card module elegantly displays customer reviews and testimonials, enhancing credibility and trust by showcasing feedback, ratings, and author information stylishly and with customization options. It’s designed for service-oriented businesses and excels in visually appealing review presentations, fostering trust through user testimonials.
  • Testimonial: The Testimonial module is essential for showcasing customer testimonials and reviews. It offers customizable testimonial cards, various display options, and styling control, enhancing the presentation of positive feedback from satisfied customers and building trust for service-oriented businesses.
  • Restro Menu: The Restro Menu module by the Divi Torque plugin is tailored for restaurants, providing a visually appealing way to showcase menu items and culinary offerings. It offers customizable menu items, styling power, and support for enhancing the presentation of dish names and pricing on your website. Perfect for restaurants and food-related businesses.
  • Image Zoom: This module enhances user experience by enabling image zoom functionality, ideal for showcasing detailed product images, artwork, or photography. It offers customizable zoom settings and smooth transitions, improving engagement for image-heavy websites. 
  • Team: The Team module in Divi Torque Pro allows you to elegantly showcase your team members, enhancing trust and credibility for your business or organization by presenting individual profiles with photos, names, titles, and brief descriptions.
  • Business Hours: The Business Hours module lets you beautifully showcase your operating hours, enhancing user experience by providing precise and concise information about when your business is open. It increases transparency and accessibility, particularly for businesses with set operating hours. 
  • Compare Image: Divi Torque Pro’s Compare Image module offers seamless before-and-after image comparisons, ideal for interactively showcasing changes or product transformations. It engages users effectively, though its necessity depends on content type, and careful image selection is essential for optimal use.
  • Contact Form 7: The Divi Contact Form 7 module integrates the Contact Form 7 plugin into your website, enabling easy management of customizable contact forms for user inquiries and communication. Contact Form 7 is perfect for businesses and websites requiring advanced form customization and functionality. To use this module, you need to have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed.

Wireframes & Templates

Divi Torque Pro offers all clients an invaluable collection of wireframes and templates serving as the foundational components for their websites. The Divi Torque Pro is your gateway to an extensive and precious collection of pre-designed wireframes and templates, which serve as the fundamental building blocks for your website. These meticulously crafted layouts encompass many essential elements integral to a successful webpage. By offering these ready-made resources, Divi Torque Pro significantly streamlines and accelerates the entire website design and development process, making it faster and more convenient. Wireframes include Header, Footer, Features, Contact, and many more.

These are just a few examples of the many resources available within Divi Torque Pro’s rich treasure trove of wireframes and templates, enabling you to create a website that looks great and functions seamlessly.

Message from WPPaw Team

At WPPaw, there’s never a dull moment! We thrive on crafting engaging experiences for our valued community.

After dedicated months of development and meticulous testing, our product made its debut with our beta testers, whose invaluable feedback shaped it to perfection. We’re deeply grateful to each beta tester and to you, our cherished users, for your trust and for welcoming us warmly into the Divi realm.

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