Introducing the DiviTorque!

by | Nov 26, 2021

Today, I am really excited to introduce DiviTorque 🙂

Formally known as BrainAddons plugin is now DiviTorque. The DiviTorque comes with feature-enriched Divi modules and extensions. It’s designed and developed for all levels of Divi developers and users.

DiviTorque is promising for filling the gaps of basic and advanced features of Divi modules and extensions.

We will briefly explain here version 3.0 and all modules and extensions.

What’s in DiviTorque?

Business Hour:

Showcase business operation hours and dates for the clients and visitors.

Animated Text:

Beautifully presents texts by animation that gives a new outlook to the text content.

Advanced Divider:

Create decorative and elegant dividers on the web pages.

Advanced Team:

A comprehensive module to show your leading team in various styles using texts, images, and social links.

Animated Gallery:

Create a mind-blowing animated gallery that will give a stylish look to the web pages.

Gradient Heading:

Make Effective, Amazing, and eye-catchy Heading

Logo Grid:

Organize different types of logos on the same grid layout and showcase them to the visitors


An excellent module to demonstrate products, creative posts using a beautiful combination of elements.

Info Box:

Built beautiful information boxes using multiple various elements and make a unique type of infobox.


Take advantage of the advanced features and show content with before and after-effects.

Icon Box:

The Icon Box module is the elementary version for showcasing interesting information for visitors.


Create outstanding numbers and numbers blocks with diverse styles.


Perfectly publish the Notices, Warnings, and Attention texts on any Divi Websites with a few clicks.

Skill Bars:

Showcase skills, task percentage, required tools, and other progressive information by this static module.


An incredibly powerful module that helps to publish excellent reviews.

Dual Button:

The dual Button module helps to add two flexible and trendy buttons to Divi webpages.

Video Popup:

It will help to perfectly present the video content into the popup.


Elegantly publishing customer reviews on the business website for adding trustworthiness and impact to the potential customers’ minds

Image Compare:

This Divi module is perfect for the image before-after slider and it can help to design before-after sections creatively. 

Scroll Image:

Show photos, products, or services in a way that slides horizontally or vertically.

CF7 Styler:

It helps you to style existing forms built using Contact Form 7 plugin across your web pages without spending too much time.

Image Carousel:

Make impressive image carousels using this carousel module which comes with various features. 

Logo Carousel:

Showcase brand logos, design logos elegantly into the carousel.

Pro Modules

Image Accordion:

Highlight your images with astonishing hover and click effects

Image Hover:

Display images in a pretty and intricate procedure.

Image Magnifier:

Zoom by a magnifying glass into any part of a selected image.

Image Masking:

Change your images into unique custom shapes with the image masking feature.

Advanced Heading:

Design incredible headings with compelling features for your content.

Inline SVG:

Render SVG format content and make the page load faster

Floating Image:

Create stunning animated floating images by using advanced features.

Horizontal Timeline:

Horizontally presents attractive storylines to your website visitors.

Vertical Timeline:

Create eye-catchy storylines vertically on your webpage.


Make the image area hotspots with custom tooltips and reveal an associated text

Hover Box:

Display information in a pretty and intricate procedure.

List Group:

Design incredible lists with necessary customization features.

Content Toggle:

Create beautiful toggles with compelling features and styles.

Team Carousel:

Present your team members into the carousel view.

Testimonial Carousel:

Show astonishing testimonials that are displayed into the beautiful carousel

Price Menu:

Showcase food menu price lists decently and creatively.

Lottie Animation:

Pick animations from the Lottie Animation Library and insert them into your webpage

Blog Modules

Author Box:

Smartly showcases the authors to the web page.

Author List:

Decently showcase your blog site’s creative writers

Post Carousel:

Create stunning post carousels for your website 

Post Grid:

Scale your posts and present your posts in the incredible grid structure.

Post Masonry:

Present your post creatively in the masonry layouts.

Post Tiles:

Showcase your most popular posts exclusively

Smart Post List:

Take advantage of the advanced features and showcase your posts smartly

Post List:

Showcase the post list more organized and elegantly on the web pages.

News Ticker:

Show updates, popular news, trending news, message, and dynamic content as an example of breaking news on your website.

News Ticker Pro:

Present posts titles by incredible scrolling ticker

Twitter Feed:

It will help to fetch specific Twitter account feeds on the web pages.

Twitter Feed Carousel:

This module will help to show specific Twitter account feeds into the carousel.

Social Share:

Add highly customizable social share buttons that will integrate beautifully on the web pages.

Instagram Carousel:

Present Instagram into the impressive sliders.

Instagram Feed:

Show Instagram feed in different layouts.


Blog Designer:

Blog Designer is a good handy and premium solution for everyone who is looking for a responsive blog page with the Divi website.

Popup Maker:

It is incredibly versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your website.

Login Designer:

Design and build an on-brand custom WordPress login page.

Unfiltered File Uploads:

Please note! Allowing uploads of SVG & JSON files is a potential security risk. We recommend you only enable this feature if you understand the security risks involved.

Divi Library Shortcodes:

This extension allows you to display any Divi library template as a shortcode. Embed any Divi library template inside any Divi module or inside a .php file by using a shortcode.

Do you have any questions or suggestions or just want to share something? Please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to hear from you.