Divi Logo List

The Logo List module lets you showcase a collection of logos in a sleek and organized manner. Perfect for displaying client logos, partner brands, or sponsor logos. Customize styles, sizes, and layouts to create an impressive and visually appealing logo showcase on your website.

Design 1

Logo Grid With Black & White Style

Testimonials can be organized and showcased in an aesthetically pleasing manner, potentially enhancing the visual appeal and user experience of the website.

Design 2

Logo Grid With Zoom Out Style

Elevate your logo display with a captivating Zoom Out style grid. As users explore, logos gradually zoom out, revealing a stunning visual effect. This dynamic presentation highlights each logo’s uniqueness.

Adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, making your logo grid visually captivating and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Perfect for showcasing portfolios, and branding collections.

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