Supercharge Your Divi Experience with Divi Torque

40+ Cutting-Edge Divi Modules and extensions. Save time by using ready-to-use modules and build your website faster

40+ Modules & Extensions

Explore our extensive collection of over 40 modules and extensions tailored to enhance your user experience.

Premium Templates

Elevate your website's aesthetics with our premium templates designed for versatility and style.

Vip Support

A dedicated support team is always available to rescue you anytime you need us.

Instagram Feed

Enhance user experience and boost brand visibility by integrating captivating live feeds from your Instagram profile(s) into your website using our user-friendly and adaptable Instagram module.


WhatsApp Chat

Enhance your website with Divi Torque’s WhatsApp Chat plugin, providing an instant communication link through WhatsApp.

This plugin ensures you’re always within reach for your audience directly from your WordPress site with Divi.

Countdown Timer

Boost urgency and spark action with our Countdown Timer. Tailor its appearance to match your brand, and set up a specific action to activate once the clock hits zero.

Filterable Gallery

Elevate your visual showcase with the Filterable Gallery module. Effortlessly organize and display high-quality images with dynamic filtering options in a beautifully crafted layout. 


Telegram Chat

The Divi Telegram Chat plugin offers a clear method for website visitors to contact you and get their questions answered promptly. Stay accessible live to your audience through a convenient messenger.

Image Carousel

Image Carousel

Enhance your web pages with the dynamic flair of the Image Carousel.

Lottie Animation

Lottie Animation

Unleash the magic of motion with the Lottie Animation module, seamlessly integrated with Divi Builder.

Content Toggle

Content Toggle

Save space and enhance the user experience by revealing additional content through an interactive toggle function.

Timeline Module

Timeline Module

Present a chronological sequence of events, achievements, or milestones with our visually appealing timeline module.

Gradient Heading

Gradient Heading

Add visual interest to your headings with stunning gradient effects that accentuate your content and capture attention.

Video Modal

Video Modal

Embed videos in a sleek and responsive modal, providing a seamless viewing experience for your users

Social Share

Social Share Buttons

Encourage social sharing with our sleek, easy-to-use social share buttons, fostering increased engagement and brand visibility


Testimonial Module

Showcase customer testimonials in an elegant and professional format that reinforces your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness

Product Review

Product Review

Highlight customer feedback with eye-catching review cards that build trust and credibility for your brand

Users Love Torque

We are powering Over 30,000 Websites and Counting!

Wendy Mayes

Top plugin! Lots of great modules. Easy to use. A brilliant expansion of the Divi modules. Thanks!

Tim Siegert

This plugin is very helpful for Divi users because it increases the functionality of Divi and offers even more possibilities for exceptional web design.

Shawn Dexter

This is the best plugin I have found to develop my Client's Websites. It makes my job so much easier. Look no further. highly recommended


We needed a couple of special-purpose features that were among the tools available. Easy install, easy to use. Work perfectly. We’ll be using more of the; large number of other features I’m sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal user for Divi Torque?

Divi Torque Pro is best suited for individuals who may find challenges in crafting visually stunning sites and seek additional modules to enhance their website design.

What are the requirements to use Divi Toque

To get started with Divi Torque Pro, ensure that you have the Divi theme already set up on your WordPress platform. It’s a foundational requirement to make the most of our tool’s offerings.

Will implementing Divi Torque impact my website's speed?

Not at all! We prioritize your site’s performance. Divi Torque Pro is optimized to ensure that it doesn’t compromise your website’s speed or user experience.

Could you confirm the price increases?

Get 50% off all new Divi Torque licenses today! Buy Now